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geeking out on shakespeare's histories
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28th-Aug-2009 07:36 pm
richard ii looks down his nose
ETA: Fics posted after 1/2013 are now indexed here.

I have prepared an index of Damn Near All the Histories Fic on the Web. If I have omitted anything you wrote, it isn't a value-judgment but either a lack of awareness or a brain lapse on my part. Please feel free to let me know in the comments if there's anything I forgot! Or if there is any King John or Henry VIII fic out there; I've never heard of any. (NB that King John fic exists now. YAY!) and now there is also Henry VIII fic!

Posts marked with an asterisk (*) are friends-locked. If the authors want me to take them out of the index, I will do so. Posts marked with a plus sign (+) are drabbles. With fics that take place during more than one play, or that take place during one play but have more bearing on another one, I have used my discretion, but generally cross-reference.

King John

Instruction of a Young King, by sekala (The Bastard, G)
Lady's Knight In, by aris_tgd (Blanche/Bastard, T)

Richard II

With No Less Terror than the Elements, by commodorified with angevin2 (Richard/Bolingbroke, no rating given [R-ish])
+Entre Deux Morts, by angevin2 (wee!Richard, no rating given [G-ish])
O Thou My Lovely Boy, by commodorified (Richard/Anne of Bohemia, Richard/Robert de Vere, no rating given [PG-13ish])
'Tis Not the Balm, The Sceptre and the Ball, by faithhopetricks (Richard II & Hal, no rating given [PGish])
Gross Flesh, by the_alchemist (Richard II & Edward II, PG)
*Slippers, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Aumerle, no rating given [PG-ish])
regem angelorum imitari, by attentat (Richard & Bolingbroke, PG)
Winter: 1399, by Academe (Richard/Bolingbroke, rating given probably erroneously as G)
*The Greatest Exception, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Aumerle, none given [PG-ish])
Too Few To Take My Leave, by angevin2 (unrequited Henry/Richard, PG)
+Pyrrhus, by tears_of_nienna (Richard/Henry, no rating, verse)
*Attainder, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Aumerle, PG-13)
Keep Time (How Sour Sweet Music), by gileonnen (Richard et al., WWII AU, PG)
Richer Dust, by gileonnen (Richard & Hotspur, WWII AU, PG-13)
Scarlet Indignation, by angevin2 (Richard, PG)
Flattering Glass, by gileonnen (Richard/Hal, WWII AU, NC-17)
Brittle Glory, by angevin2 (Richard/Bolingbroke, PG)
Mine Honour Lives, by gileonnen (Richard/Aumerle, modern AU, PG-13)
Still-Breeding Thoughts, by assimbya (Richard, PG)
Into This Breathing World, by gileonnen (Richard II/Richard III, PG-13)
I Shall Find Time, by gileonnen (xover with Julius Caesar, Hotspur & Brutus, modern AU, PG-13)
Burnt Offering, by highfantastical (Richard/Bolingbroke, Richard/Aumerle, R)
Unexpected, by shayheyred (Richard/Bolingbroke, R)
Do not see my fair rose wither, by lareinenoire (Hal, Richard, Isabel, in various combinations; Victorian AU, PG)
Nocturnal, by angevin2 (Richard/Anne, Richard/Aumerle, Victorian AU, PG-13)
Interdepartmental Politics, by gileonnen (Richard & Hal, present-day academic AU, PG-13)
Faculty Planning, by gileonnen (Richard/Henry, present-day academic AU, NC-17)
Reunification, by gileonnen (Richard/Anne, 1980s/present-day academic AU, PG-13)
Shooting Grouse in August, by gileonnen (Henry, previous Richard/Hal; WWII AU, PG-13)
Don't Let Them Begin, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur, WWII AU, PG-13)
Absolution, by angevin2 (Richard, Carlisle, Aumerle; present-day academic AU, PG-13)
Heart's Presages, by gileonnen (Richard/Bushy/Bagot/Green, E)
Pausa Caffè, by gileonnen (Richard, Henry, Aumerle in various combinations; present-day academic AU, PG-13)
To Your Scattered Bodies Go, by angevin2 (Aumerle & Hal, past Richard/Aumerle; Victorian AU, PG-13)
When the Stars Threw Down Their Spears (Henry & Gaunt, Victorian AU, PG)
The Readiness is All, by lareinenoire (Richard, Victorian AU, Sherlock Holmes xover, PG-13)
Burden of Proof, by gileonnen (Richard/Henry, present-day academic AU, PG-13)
All Amiss Employed, by angevin2 (Richard/Anne, Henry/Mary, Aumerle, present-day academic AU, PG)
Leaves of Willow and of Adder's Tongue, by angevin2 (Richard/Aumerle, Victorian AU, R)
The Third Time, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Henry, WWI-era AU, M)
*Three Such Enemies, by gileonnen and angevin2 (Richard/Henry/Aumerle, present-day academic AU, NC-17)
Physical Calculus, by aris_tgd (Richard/Henry, present-day academic AU, NC-17)
The Latest Record by the Dead Kennedys, by angevin2 (Richard/Aumerle, present-day academic AU, R)
Un Oiseau Rebelle, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Robert de Vere, present-day academic AU, PG-13)
Gold in Physic, by gileonnen and speak_me_fair (Richard/Robert de Vere, Robert/Aumerle, Richard/Anne, R)
L'astre du jour, by lareinenoire (Richard/Isabel, Victorian AU, PG)
Privilege, by angevin2 (Richard/Anne/Robert in various permutations, modern-day academic AU, NC17)
Eaten Up in Miserable Circumstances, by gileonnen (gen with background Richard/Anne and Richard/Robert, modern-day academic AU, PG)
*The Extremest Point, by gileonnen (Hotspur and Aumerle, PG)
+The Matter of Britten, by angevin2 (Richard/Robert, modern-day academic AU, no rating, fluffy)
Pity My Picture Burning, by highfantastical (Richard/Henry, Richard/Aumerle, 1970s AU, R)
O Du Mein Holder Abendstern, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Aumerle, Edwardian AU, PG-13)
Gimmors and Devices, by gehayi (ensemble, Thomas of Woodstock xover, steampunk, PG-13)
Pessimi Poetae, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Aumerle, Chaucer, PG-13)
Not With the Empty Hollowness, by angevin2 (Richard/Aumerle, Richard/Anne, Richard/Robert, PG-13)
The Ghosts of Departed Quantities, by angevin2 (Richard/Henry, modern-day academic AU, R)
O'er the Deep Rolling Sea, by speak_me_fair (Aumerle, past Richard/Aumerle, WWI AU, PG-13)
*The Great Chain of Cheese (Richard/Aumerle, modern-day academic AU, no rating, fluffy)
Six Variations on Loyalty, by angevin2 (Aumerle, Richard, Henry, subtextual Richard/Aumerle and Richard/Henry, T)
Safe Haven, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Anne, Richard/Robert de Vere, Edwardian AU, M)
Shadows of Desert Birds, by gehayi (Richard, Henry, Aumerle, subtextual Richard/Henry, 1930s AU, T)
Fugue, Chorale, by speak_me_fair and angevin2 (Richard/Aumerle, R)
Remember Me, I Used To Live For Music, by highfantastical (Richard/Anne, Richard/Henry, modern-day academic AU, T)
Spoilt Music With No Perfect Word, by angevin2 (Richard/Aumerle, past Richard/Anne, Victorian AU, R)
Damped Harmonic Motion, by aris_tgd (Richard/Henry, modern-day academic AU, NC-17)
Nothing Gold Can Stay, by lareinenoire (Richard/Aumerle, Richard/Isabel, Victorian AU, PG-13)
When Great Ones in Their Own Particular Motion, by highfantastical (Richard, Aumerle, Isabel, counterfactual AU, PG-13)
The Bitten Mouth, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Aumerle, M)
This Earth Shall Have a Feeling, by angevin2 (Richard, Henry, magic AU, G)
All Soul's Day, by lareinenoire (Richard/Anne, Richard/Robert de Vere, modern-day academic AU, T)
A Find in a Thousand, by angevin2 (Richard/Robert de Vere, modern-day academic AU, PG)
Four Universes Where it Mostly Worked Out, by angevin2 (Richard/Anne, Richard/Robert, Richard/Aumerle, counterfactual AU, genderswap AU, modern AU, PG)
Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart, by aris_tgd (Richard/Henry, Richard/Aumerle, soulbonding, M)
Wide Her Parish, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Anne, T)
The Complexion of the Sky, by gileonnen (unrequited Richard/Henry, G)
Death and (Former) Kings, by doreyg (Richard/Henry/Aumerle, afterlife fic, G)
In the Backseat, by doreyg (Richard/Henry, modern AU, M)
On Your Knees Boy, by doreyg (Richard/Henry, E)
Death and Richard, by doreyg (Richard/Henry, afterlife fic, G)
And the Living is Easy (Apparently), by doreyg (Richard and Henry's kids, modern AU, G)
Strong Infection, by speak_me_fair (zombie apocalypse AU, ensemble, R)
And Villeins Ye Shall Remain, by angevin2 (Richard and Henry, pre-canon [Peasants' Revolt], PG)
Mine Earthly Joy, by speak_me_fair (Richard/Isabel sort of, R)
Kings of the Earth, by highfantastical (Richard/Aumerle, Richard/Anne, PG)
Lievret regardant, heron passant, by lareinenoire (His Dark Materials xover, G)
this is not new, by thimble (Skyfall xover, reincarnation, Richard/Henry, Q/Bill Tanner, Bond/Q, M [rated M, not M the character])
After the Hart the Bier, by angevin2 (Hotspur & Aumerle, T)
Je ne regrette rien, by Oshun (Richard/everyone, M)
The Mockery Sun of Bolingbroke, by Sir_Redcrosse (Richard/Henry, M)
tout à coup on quitte la ronde, by angevin2 (Aumerle & Hal, modern-day orchestral AU, NR)

Henry IV 1 and 2

King of Honour, by oultrepreu (Hotspur/Hal, Hotspur/Douglas, NC-17)
The Lies They Told Him, by oultrepreu (Hal/Hotspur, R)
O Esperance, by BeatriceOfMessina (Hotspur/Kate, T)
My Knighthood to Him Who Can Beat Me, by a_t_rain (young Falstaff, pie, no rating given [G-ish])
Slovenly Unhandsome, by gileonnen (Hotspur, WWII AU, PG-13)
Your Grace, by house_kitten (Hal/Poins, R)
Harry to Harry Shall, by speak_me_fair (Hal/Hotspur/Kate, NC-17)
Perception of Excellence, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur, PG-13)
A Good Jest For Ever, by lite_bright (Eastcheapies, PG)
The Good Son, by angevin2 (Prince John & Prince Hal, no rating given [PGish])
The Moon's Men, by gileonnen (Hal/Poins, WWII AU, PG-13)
*Words, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Kate, no rating given [PG-13ish])
Chimes at Midnight, by faithhopetricks (Hal/Hotspur, PG-13)
My Day of Trouble, by rubynye (Hal/Scroope, R)
He Which Hath No Stomach To This Fight, by angevin2 (Poins, PG)
To Mock the Expectation of the World, by lareinenoire (Hal and his brothers, Richard II, PG-13)
*Ave Caesar, by speak_me_fair (Hal & Hotspur, Victorian AU, PG-13). Coda to To Mock the Expectation of the World.
To Pluck Bright Honor from the Pale-Faced Moon, by lareinenoire (Hal, Hotspur/Kate, PG)
No Man Than Yourself, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Douglas, WWI AU, R)
Burnt Offering q.v. Richard II
The Base-String of Humility, by speak_me_fair (Hal & Henry, Hal/Poins, PG-13ish?)
To Pluck Bright Honor From the Top of the World, Ma, by kerrypolka (genderswap Hotspur/Kate, AU, 15)
Here's a Health to the Company, by gileonnen (Hal/Hotspur, R)
A Lady As Thou Art, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Kate, WWI AU, PG-13)
Sarcenet Surety, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Kate, WWI AU, PG-13)
Fixing Épées, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Douglas, WWI AU, PG-13)
And To Tilt With Lips, by likeadeuce (Hal/Hotspur/Kate, M)
The Devil and Mischance, by gileonnen (Hotspur/Douglas, T)
Gifts, by lareinenoire (Henry & Hal, T)
Juvenes Dum Sumus, by speak_me_fair (Hal/Hotspur, Victorian AU, PG-13)
Master of Games, by speak_me_fair (Hal/Hotspur, present-day academic AU, PG-13)
Thick-Eyed Musing, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Kate, WWI AU, PG-13)
A Truth Universally Acknowledged, by lareinenoire (The Merry Wives of Windsor xover, Fenton/Anne, Falstaff, Poins, Hal; G)
He Looked In at the Window, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Douglas, present-day academic AU, M)
The Blood More Stirs, by gileonnen and speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Kate, ensemble, vampire AU, R)
Fail Trying, by gileonnen (Falstaff et al., space AU, PG-13)
And Follow Your Dreams Down, by likeadeuce (Hotspur/Kate, rock band AU, no rating given)
Kingly Crowns of Gold, by chaletian (Hal & John, PG)
to play the fool without a stage, by vixys (Falstaff & Hal, PG)
Spreading Out, by gileonnen (Northumberland & Falstaff, G)
Too Late To Change Me, by likeadeuce (Hotspur/Kate, subtextual Hotspur/Hal, modern AU, T)
Through Storms and the Lie, by ems (Hal/Hotspur/Kate, E)
In Camera, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Kate, vague Hotspur/Douglas, WWI AU, PG-13)
No Boy's Play, by fififolle (Hal/Hotspur, MA)
Betwixt the Wind and His Nobility, by gileonnen (Hotspur/Kate, modern AU, PG)
Eyes Not His, by speak_me_fair (Hotspur/Kate, Hal, space AU, M)
This Deed Was Done at Otterburn, by gileonnen (Hotspur, Douglas, PG-13)
Hear the Lady Sing in Welsh, by amilyn (Hotspur/Kate, M)
Bestirred in Sleep, by gileonnen (Hotspur/Douglas, Mortimer, WWI AU, T)
The Prince, by Bjomolf (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, E)
The Prince and the Huntsman, by Princess_Kurenai (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, E. Written in Italian)
A Lesson Not Learned, by elsian (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, E)
Awakening in Sin, by Princess_Kurenai (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, M. Written in Italian)
Sojourn, by gothicdragon752 (Hal/Poins, M)
What would you give to see him again?, by Princess_Kurenai (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, T)
Ymyl y Byd, by aeon_entwined (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, E)
The Huntsman and the Prince, by EmpyreanSun (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, G)
The Man of the Hollow Heart, by missisjoker (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, M)
With Love Unacquainted (The Helen of Troy Remix), by gehayi (Hotspur/Kate, T)
A Little Foolishness, by elsian (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, E)
Unmasked, by gileonnen (Falstaff, Hal, superhero AU, T)
Fit You With Position, by likeadeuce (Hal & John, modern AU, genderswap, PG)
Quot estis in convivio, by kerrypolka (Kate Percy, Doll Tearsheet, modern AU, R)
Is There Not Employment?, by gileonnen (Bardolph et al., PG)
Daughter of Kings, by elizabeth_hoot (girl!Hal/Mortimer, AU, genderswap, G, incomplete)
As Sweetly as Thou, by harbor_song (Hal/OFC, E)
Three Sentence Ficlet by doveheart (Northumberland, WWI AU, G)
Ficlets by JLR (various AUs, T)
Kiss of Autumn by homesweethomicide13 (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, E)
Fair One, by loon (Thor and Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, T)
He is yet a boy, by hallulawy (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, T)
There Comes You (To take me in your arms), by elsian (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, E)
A Memorable Meeting, by homesweethomicide13 (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, T)
Let Us Fall Into Sin, by homesweethomicide13 (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Hal/Huntsman, T)
the fresh blood in thy cheeks, by newredshoes (Hotspur/Kate, werewolf AU, T)
The Streets of London, by Asgardian Vampire (Hal/OFC, vampire AU, T)
Ficlets by JLR (various AUs, T)
untitled orchestral AU piece #1, by silentstep (Hal & Falstaff, modern-day orchestral AU, NR)
untitled orchestral AU piece #2, by silentstep (Hal & Doll, modern-day orchestral AU, NR)
Prince Hal and the green heart by Bjornolf, (Henry V/Loki, M, Thor xover)
Change Serves by WordsInTheFrost (Prince Hal/The Huntsman, E, Snow White and the Huntsman xover)
The Ages of Man by yunitsa (Richard II, Hotspur, John of Lancaster, Henry V, G)
Just This One Night by mrsmischief, (Prince Hal/OFC, NR)
gentlemen of the shade, minions of the moon by wildestranger (Hal/Poins, M)
The Prince in the Woods by kittydesade (Poins, Prince Hal, G)
A Sliver of a Poisoned Apple by roryheadmav (The Huntsman/Prince Hal, E, Snow White and the Huntsman xover, incomplete)
ten tines by mladvey, (Huntsman/Henry V, NR, Snow White and the Huntsman xover)
Battle in the Mud by Princess_Kurenai, (The Huntsman/Hal, M, Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Part 1 of Little Revenge, written in Italian)
Gogna by Princess_Kurenai, (The Huntsman/Hal, M, Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Part 2 of Little Revenge, written in Italian)

Henry V

Weep For You, by makolane (Henry/Scroope, M)
Henry's Throne of France, by Fever Dreamer (unfinished sequel, T)
Betrayed, by oultrepreu (Henry/Scroope, PG-13)
Another Fall of Man, by shayheyred (Henry/Scroope, R)
Banish All the World, by QDS (Henry/Scroope, Hal & Falstaff, PG-13)
The Feast of Crispian, by Malacandra (OCs, K)
Wilt Thou Weep? by Ryan Brooklyn (Boy, PG)
These Wounds I Had On Crispin's Day, by a_t_rain (xover with The Shoemaker's Holiday, Michael Williams, no rating given [PG-ish])
Stars, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, PG)
Manning, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, no rating given [G-ish?])
Bedroom Berlitz, by borusa (Henry/Katherine, R)
The View from Byzantium, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, PG)
March, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, PG)
He Which Hath No Stomach To This Fight, q.v. Henry IV
Henry's Journey, by hyarrowen (xover with assorted Marlowe, Henry/Montjoy, PG)
The Tale of the Forgiven Knight, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, PG-13)
Sic semper traditores, by lareinenoire (Henry & Scroope, Edwardian AU, PG)
*I Will Not Peace, by speak_me_fair (York/Suffolk, Richard II/Aumerle, no rating given [PG-ish])
Aultre Naray, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, PG-13)
The Night Is Yours, by aunt_zelda (Henry/Montjoy, R)
Teach Your (Parents and) Children Well q.v. Henry VI
Sans peur et sans reproche, by lareinenoire (Constable of France, PG)
Silk, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, T). Sequel to Henry's Journey.
Hearts'-ease, by theficklepickle (Henry/Montjoy, 15)
At the Edge, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, no rating given)
*Sons, by theficklepickle (Henry/Montjoy, no rating)
*Upon the King, by theficklepickle (Henry/Montjoy, no rating)
*Elysium, by theficklepickle (Henry/Montjoy, no rating)
+Duty, by beatrice_otter (Henry/Katherine, Buffyverse, G)
Jumping O'er Times, by (Henry/Montjoy, time travel, no rating)
Harry Plantagenet and the Dragon of Lusignan, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, PG15)
All Dressed With Yew, by chaletian (Henry & John, Falstaff, PG)
Jewel Tower, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, G)
Falcon-Gentle, by hyarrowen (Henry/Montjoy, PG)
*Glitter-Bright, by speak_me_fair (York/Suffolk, WWI AU, PG)
*Tomb-Breath, by speak_me_fair (York/Suffolk, WWI AU, NR)
Chimes at Midnight, by Heliotropical (Henry V, vague Hal/Hotspur, K)
Ceremonies for Honest Men, by RimauSuaLay (Henry/Montjoy, T)
Chivalry, Honor, and Love, by morgynleri (Highlander xover, Henry/Montjoy, T)
Summer's End, by morgynleri (Highlander xover, gen, Montjoy, T)
Half-Dreaming of Death, by morgynleri (Highlander xover, Henry/Montjoy, T)
Admit Me, Chorus to This History, by morgynleri (Henry/OFC, M)
And In His Wake, Death, by morgynleri (gen, Montjoy, T)
+Once More Unto the Breach, by Annariel (gen, Henry at Harfleur, T)
Trials, Tribulations, and Bitching in Bedrooms, by doreyg (Henry/Montjoy, modern high school AU, no rating)
A Man in Armour, by doreyg (Henry/Montjoy, Henry/Katherine, M)
Bartholomew Fair, by seriesfive (Henry/Montjoy, T)
We Happy Few, by sylvanwitch (Supernatural xover, Dean/Sam Winchester, E)
The King's Council, by seriesfive (Henry/Montjoy, M)
Wear That Dress, by doreyg (Henry/Montjoy, crossdressing, E)
The King's Servant, by gothicdragon752 (Henry/Poins, E)
A Vision of the Start at the End, by elsian (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Henry/Huntsman, E)
How to King: A Correspondence Between Hal and Loki, by JLR (Thor xover, gen, G)
Good Night, Sweet Prince, by elsian (Snow White and the Huntsman xover, Henry/Huntsman, T)
untitled orchestral AU piece #3, by silentstep (Pistol, modern-day orchestral AU, NR)
untitled orchestral AU piece #4, by silentstep (Boy, modern-day orchestral AU, NR)
The Baroness Camoys, by adiva_calandia (Henry & Kate Percy, T)
От кубка до кубка (From Cup to Cup), by young_Swidersky (Henry V/John of Lancaster, T. Written in Russian.)
My King: Henry V, by sangoamaya (Hal/OFC, E)
The Game, by sangoamaya (Hal/OFC, NR)
Have Some Faith, by sangoamaya (Hal/OFC, NR)
Mingling, by astolat (Henry/Catherine, magic AU, E)
Awake My Soul by mrsmischief, (Henry V/OFC, NR)
The Stolen Crown by Vardek</a>, (Dauphin/Henry V, T, Historical AU, written in Russian)
King and Lionheart by penguincyanide (The Huntsman/Prince Hal, The Huntsman/Henry V, T, Snow White and the Huntsman xover)
Untitled by shaking_indigo (Henry V/Huntsman, Teen, mpreg, Snow White and the Huntsman xover)

Henry VI 1, 2, and 3

*The Fantastically Awesome and Totally True Account of Severall Episodes from the Life of William de la Pole, afterward the Fourth Earl of Suffolk in the Second Creation, by kerrypolka (Suffolk/various, no rating given [PGish])
Summer Lovin', by the_alchemist (Margaret/Suffolk, Richard [III]/Margaret, PG)
Guinevere, by lareinenoire (Margaret/Suffolk, Margaret/Henry, PG-13)
Yield Day To Night, or, The Problem With Imported Queens, by kerrypolka (Suffolk/Katherine, PG)
Mea Culpa, by lareinenoire (Henry VI, G)
Game of Roses q.v. Richard III
Circles in the Water, by lareinenoire (Cecily Neville, PG-13)
The Further Education of a Christian Prince, by lareinenoire (Henry VI, Gloucester, Bedford, no rating given [PG at most])
An Exchange of Favours, by lareinenoire (Richard and his brothers, 1930s AU, PG-13)
And the Spare, by rubynye (Richard and his brothers, PG)
+Plain Proceeding, by angevin2 (Henry VI, future AU, G)
Broken Music, by lareinenoire (Margaret, Anne, PG-13)
Teach Your (Parents and) Children Well, by aris_tgd (Richard of York, Richard of Cambridge, Richard III, PG)
The Booke of Oure Foundresses, by the_alchemist (Margaret/Suffolk, 15)
Untitled fic by elviaprose (Gloucester gives Henry VI "The Talk")
To Take Is Not To Give, Part 1, by lareinenoire (Richard/Anne, interwar AU, PG-13)
To Take Is Not To Give, Part 2, by lareinenoire (Richard/Anne, interwar AU, PG-13)
To Take Is Not To Give, Part 3, by lareinenoire (Richard/Anne, interwar AU, PG-13)
To Take Is Not To Give, Part 4, by lareinenoire (Richard/Anne, interwar AU, PG-13)
Be brave, for your captain is brave, by kerrypolka (Jack Cade, Richard of Gloucester, G)
Sealed the Son of Chivalry, by angevin2 (Talbot, G)
Leave Tomorrow Behind, by lareinenoire (George/Isabel, interwar AU, PG-13)
Drama Queens, by lareinenoire (Margaret/Suffolk, present-day AU, R)
Delirien, by lareinenoire (ensemble, Edwardian/WWI AU, PG-13)
Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, by gileonnen (Margaret, Eleanor, Margery Jourdain, magic AU, PG-13)
The Bear and the Shooting Star, by lareinenoire (Warwick and Oxford, PG)
The sky above us shoots to kill, by lareinenoire (Richard of Gloucester, western AU, M)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice, by the_alchemist (ensemble, magic AU, 15)
These Few Days' Wonder, by kerrypolka (Humphrey/Eleanor + ensemble, 1930s Hollywood AU, 15+)
la belle dame sans merci, by lareinenoire (Margaret/Suffolk, noir AU, T)
Poetry is Easy, by sunneinsplendour (Margaret/Suffolk, Henry/Margaret, Cold War AU, T)

Richard III

Go I Unto the Tower, by Lee (Prince Edward, K+)
Richard, by Drucilla (Richard/OC, K)
The Final Hour of the Richard III, by JME2 (Richard, K+)
King Richard the Third: There Goes the Succession, by Megan the Phantom Girlie (parody, T)
How I Came to Lose the Battle of Bosworth and the Throne of England (Not to Mention My Life), by HDKingsbury (Richard, PG)
The Lamentations of Poor Anne, by HDKingsbury (Richard/Anne, K+)
Richard, the Third, by Gevaisa (Richard, future AU, T)
Richard III: The Anecdote, by Ben Rude (Richard and his brothers, K)
Bosworth Field. The King's tent. Night, by mirabehn (Richard/Ratcliffe, NC-17)
Although I Would Not Wait For Death, by Neeritai a'Kreeoth (Richard, K+)
Why, This It Is, When Men Are Ruled By Women, by angevin2 (Anne/Richard, Jane Shore/Edward, Princess Elizabeth/Richmond, PG)
The Princes' Lament, by aikaterini (Princes in Tower, verse, T)
The Giving Vein, by gileonnen (Richard III/Buckingham, R)
An Awfully Big Adventure, by the_alchemist (Richard III and Richard of York the younger, PG)
An Excellent Moral, by angevin2 (Princess Elizabeth, Jane Shore, PG)
Game of Roses, by mirabehn (Elizabeth Woodville, PG)
Death of a Queen, by Evelyn-Sunshine (Richard/Anne, T)
Wooed and Won, by snakeling (Richard/Anne, G)
Circles in the Water q.v. Henry VI
Queen Anne, Wife of Richard III, by sleepyredgirl (Anne/Richard, T)
The Damned, by NoctuRname (Buckingham, verse, K)
Broken Music q.v. Henry VI
Cause and Most Accurs'd Effect, by elviaprose for casablancagirl (Richard/Anne, PG)
Into This Breathing World q.v. Richard II
Teach Your (Parents and) Children Well q.v. Henry VI
Thou Cam'st On Earth To Make the Earth My Hell, by casablancagirl (Oedipal!Richard III, no rating given)
Fatal to Posterity, by angevin2 (Richard III and Richard II, PG-13)
*Cold Courts, by speak_me_fair (Midsummer Night's Dream xover, Richard/Helena, no rating but has sex in)
Pickled Red Herring, by lareinenoire (present-day AU, PG-13)
Pickled Red Herring, part 2, by lareinenoire (present-day AU, PG-13)
For Truth, for Duty, and for Loyalty, by gileonnen, illustrated by speak_me_fair (Richard/Ratcliffe, ensemble, space AU, R)
For Summer Days; A Nightmare, by cherith (George of Clarence, no rating given)
The White Boar, by the_alchemist (Richard III, meta, 12)
Killing is Company, by kittydesade (Richard III, G)
Wrapt in a Woman's Hide, by gileonnen (Richard III, genderswap AU, T)
Bestiary, by likeadeuce (Catesby & Ratcliff, sci-fi AU, R)
Emeralds and Rubies, by the_alchemist (Jane Shore, ensemble, historical AU, no rating given)
This Keen Encounter, by lareinenoire (Richard/Anne, T)
http://archiveofourown.org/works/334019">The Idle Pleasures of These Days, by sabinelagrande (MCU xover, Rivers/Tony Stark, E)
Somewhere on Bosworth Field, 1485, by wneleh (Stargate Atlantis xover, G)
Never Ever Ever, by doreyg (Richard/Elizabeth Woodville, E)
Timorous Dreams, by assimbya (Richard/Anne, T)

Henry VIII

Rock Me Asleep, by the_alchemist (Anne/Henry, Elizabeth, 12)

Historical RPF
(NOTE: Fics in this category are listed in roughly chronological order by century, and within that order, in order of posting.)

The Last Duchess, by brutti_ma_buoni (John of Gaunt/Katherine Swynford, G) -- with podfic
A Monarchy of Roses, by ishafel (Richard II/Henry IV, T)
let us meet them like necessities, by angevin2 (Henry IV, unrequited Richard/Henry, PG)
Like a Well-Regulated Abbey, by angevin2 (Anne of Bohemia, Mary de Bohun, G)
Redemore Field, by lferion (Richard III, verse, G)
Ne vile velis, by lareinenoire (Warwick, gen, T)
A Twist in Time, by twitchbell (Doctor Who xover [Seven + Ace], Warwick, G)
The Bloody King, by doreyg (Horrible Histories xover, Richard III, T)
The Winter of Our Discontent, by lareinenoire and rosamund (Doctor Who xover, Ten & Jack, Jack/Edward IV, T)
The Rose, by Kate_Swynford (Elizabeth of York, gen, NR)
The most pleasant tale of Lady Bessy, by lareinenoire (Elizabeth of York, various AUs, T)
The Endris Night, by ancarett (Elizabeth of York/Henry VII, G)
The Arrow, by innocentsmith (Anne Boleyn, poetry, G)
Noli me tangere, by lareinenoire (Anne Boleyn, T)
Whatever You Want To Call It, by the_alchemist (Doctor Who xover [Five + Erimem], Richard III, G)
noli me tangere, by athousandwinds (Anne Boleyn/Henry Percy, G)
Let her be, by lilachigh (Anne Boleyn, G)
Happy Am I, For the Daughters Will Call Me Blessed, by zarabithia (Henry VIII/Catherine of Aragon/Anne Boleyn, His Dark Materials xover, T)
Kynges Games, by lareinenoire (Doctor Who xover [Ten + Martha], Cardinal Wolsey, Sir Thomas More, T)
The Sticking Place, by lareinenoire (Hunger Games xover, Richard III, Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou; Lucrezia & Cesare Borgia, T)

ETA 8/29, 2:15 am: Have tracked down a few more I've read before but that have changed location, plus one more that just went up today. Well, yesterday by now.

ETA 8/30, 1:41 am: Am in the process of adding things posted to fanfiction.net and not already indexed here.

ETA 1/01, 1:40 pm: Have updated with everything that I am aware of written for Yuletide and before it. Note that we now have a new category for King John. YES!

ETA 1/30, 4:30 pm: Have added latest fics from the_phrensies and henry_herald.

ETA 2/9, 12:05 am: Added four or five new fics from the_phrensies.

ETA 8/22, 6:12 pm: Engaged in some pre-ficathon updating. Lots of new stuff here!

ETA 9/2, 8:06 pm: Updated with fics from Histories Ficathon III. We now have a Henry VIII category!

ETA 9/26, 9:06 pm: Added a couple of new fics in the Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V categories.

ETA 1/1/11, 3:09 am: Updated with fics from Yuletide 2010.

ETA 2/18/11, 3:23 pm: Added several miscellaneous fics.

ETA 10/3/11, 7:19 pm: Added fics from Histories Ficathon IV and a few other miscellaneous fics.

ETA 4/28/12, 2:41 pm: Finally updated with fics from Yuletide 2011! Because I am a lazy, lazy person.

ETA 9/1/12, 7:53 pm: Pre-ficathon update, including stuff posted since The Hollow Crown aired. LOTS of crossovers, if you liked Snow White and the Huntsman.

ETA 9/7/12, 9:48 pm: Updated with fics from Histories Ficathon V.

ETA 10/26/12, 1:07 am: Updated with some more fics from AO3.

ETA 1/20/13, 9:41 pm: Giant update with stuff from Yuletide 2012, plus a WHOLE NEW CATEGORY! There is now a category for historical RPF with characters from the history plays. Many, many thanks for gehayi and lareinenoire for helping me prepare this update after Firefox ate the original (following two hours of work).

ETA 8/27/13, 7:12 pm: Post has grown too big to update. Part II is here.
29th-Aug-2009 12:52 am (UTC)
Great post. Very helpful.
29th-Aug-2009 01:19 am (UTC)
Great list! Thank you for this.
29th-Aug-2009 01:48 am (UTC)
Well, I know what I shall be reading over the weekend. :)

Thank you for this post!
29th-Aug-2009 04:37 am (UTC)
Heee! Too cool!
29th-Aug-2009 06:30 am (UTC)
If you don't mind branching out in Marlowe's Edward II, I've also got A collection of letters :)

Also, thanks for this! I had no idea there were so many fics.
29th-Aug-2009 07:03 am (UTC)
There weren't until quite recently! Nearly all of these were written in the last year or so. :)

(I just counted: only twelve of these predate Histories Ficathon I. There are a couple of others I know of that seem to have disappeared from the web, as well.)

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29th-Aug-2009 12:21 pm (UTC)
Having spent last week getting my LJ into presentable nick I was going to post a link here, but you've saved me the trouble!

Might be worth adding that 'Henry's Journey' is a slight xover with two of the Other Chap's plays, in case people want to avoid it on those grounds... though maybe not which ones, 'cos that would give the game away.
30th-Aug-2009 08:11 pm (UTC)
29th-Aug-2009 06:07 pm (UTC)
This is brilliant! You are totally made of awesome for doing this.
31st-Mar-2010 11:22 am (UTC)
There's a Henry V/BtVS crossover drabble here!

25th-Nov-2012 12:19 am (UTC)
Hi there. Thank you for the list. Is this a fit?
http://withtwist.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/the-play/ (http://withtwist.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/the-play/)
1st-Dec-2012 11:13 pm (UTC)
This is fantastic! I've just now discovered my love for Richard II fic and this list is just the thing I was looking for. ♥
5th-Dec-2012 09:51 am (UTC)
I'm glad! I do my best to add to the amount of RII fic in the world. ;)
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